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Direct Projection Module

Headlight optical systems collect light projected from an LED light source to form a light beam with a cut off line for the low beam. Conventional systems use reflectors with coated mirrors that are prone to reflection loss, low efficiency and take up space due to their large size. Mitsubishi Electric, aiming to enhance night driving safety by achieving superior visibility for the driver and the elimination of glare for other vehicles and pedestrians, has developed an optical module for LED headlights that is compact, highly luminous efficient, equipped with advanced and precise beam-control functions, and offers design flexibility.


  • Unique optical system for LED light source convergence and projection
  • Compact 20mm high design incorporates no mirror
  • 180% luminous efficiency compared to larger 40mm-60mm projectors
  • Compactness and high luminous efficiency transform design flexibility, facilitating thin, multiple and single light options for motorcycles & automobiles



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